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Newsletter, online communication element

The newsletter is a direct and selective communication tool towards a specific target, to which we highlight news, services or news that will be of their interest. In this case we present different types of Newsletters realized for 4 companies of different types, Schneider Electric / electrical industrial sector, VOC Grootkeukens / industrial sector of machinery for HORECA, Supreminox / Industrial manufacturer of kitchenware for both professional and domestic use, Advance Group / new iCloud technologies sector.

All these projects have been created from a briefing or brief review developed by us. With this we develop the concept of communication, structure and graphic style. At a technical level, they comply with all the technological requirements such as to be correctly visualized on the different e-mail platforms and also to be responsive with the different devices.

These Newsletters have also been adapted to the email platforms of each client, contemplating special programming, html language, filling in templates or creating a JPG image.

Categoría: web design

Sector: services, industrial

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