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Creation of the shopwindows for sports shoes


Design and production of product showcases for the sports shoe brand Merrell. Analysis of environment and needs to develop the commercial communication project for points of sale (retail). taking into account the different graphic adaptations, production, logistics and stores nationwide.

Communication and design focused on showing the benefits of the product (in this case for the Siren 3 GTX model) by means of infographics in which the competitive advantages stand out. Aspirational image for showcase background where the product in use is shown. To enhance the presentation of this sports shoe, two closed spaces (boxes) have been created in which 2 models of physical footwear are shown.

The graphic has been created in printed vinyl “backlight” type to enhance the visual effect even at night and closed spaces, the boxes are equipped with LED lighting.

Categoría: pdv/trade marketing

Sector: services

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