Branding or branding design

A brand is commonly associated with the logo or graphic representation of a company. However you should not just stay there. The logo is the main identifier of a company, product, service or entity along with other corporate elements such as slogan, graphics and graphic implementation on corporate elements such as offices, shops, vehicles, clothing, corporate stationery, commercial communication elements , technical, internal, etc. Branding is the sum of all the qualities, values and ideas of the company, the product or service it represents for the consumer or end customer.

Therefore, in order to create a brand, all these aspects will be taken into account through the consulting process, in which an analysis of the sector, the customer and its environment is carried out. From there we establish the positioning of the brand in the market, target audience to give focus, competitive advantages from which will establish guidelines for developing naming, branding, trademark registration, as well as its Corporate Identity, graphic applications and communications mentioned above in addition to the style manual.

los proyectos
de Branding

1. Naming

“What has no name does not exist” Joan Costa

To reach the ideal name, one can follow many processes. In mediactiu we have our own methodology, that is applied in a process consisting mainly of the study of the client and his sector, research at the semantic and morphological level. We explore the different routes of the main concepts and generate proposals of more than one typology of naming. Always bearing in mind that the brand name must relate in some way to the product or service that is offered, we look for a good pronunciation and memorability of the words as well as a good sound. We also analyze the cons of the words we propose avoiding negative connotations or mistranslations.

To these phases will be added those of filters and registry verifications.
We create names that are different from the competition and which are registrable.

3. Registro de marca

Registering your brand is the essential goal in creating branding, offering commercial protection against possible aggression by other companies.

The registration is established in the class or classes corresponding to the activity or services that will represent the brand and its scope of action (national or international) for 20 years with follow-ups and notices.

This is an important point to take into account within the business plan, not just for costs but more for the time it requires. It should be taken into account that the analysis and creative processes (1 and 2) should always add a margin of time for the validation and registration process that has a duration close to 4 months from the date of application. It is a guarantee to protect and capitalize the brand value that generates your company.

2. Branding

From the naming resulting from the first phase, we will develop the graphic concept that will bring greater memorability and strength to the minds of consumers. With the branding we are able to give shape and attribute the character it needs to be able to represent the values of the company and differentiate itself from the competition. The brand must have the capacity of adaptability for its correct application in the different corporate elements. From printed material: posters, lettering, signage, promotional material, catalogs, packaging. Elements of merchandising, labor uniforms, vehicles, retail, marketing actions, video, etc. As well as corporate websites, banners, app, etc.

In mediactiu we develop brandings, based on our own experience and methodology, we look for creative and visually attractive solutions. We want our customers to feel comfortable and identified with their brand.

4. Manual de estilo

Once the naming, branding and brand registration are completed, the next step will be to define the graphic line and establish rules for the correct use of the brand. In this way we ensure good application in all communicational elements, making the brand last in time without being altered.

In mediactiu we want to offer you the solution in branding that best suits you, so that, no matter at which point you are, we can develop your brand creation project and allow you to differentiate yourself from your competition, approach your target and add value to your company .

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